Our services

Windows display design

  • Product placementaisonale
  •  Seasonal dekoration
  • Thematic presentation of goods







Visual merchandising

  • Design in accordance with guidelines
  •  Compliance with the corporate identity of the company
  • Conception and realization of the design of shop windows  and sales areas
  • Analysis of trends and target groups







Interior design

  • Premises inspection, analysis and vision, verbal consultation (proportions, shapes, colours, light, materials and constructions)
  •  Elaboration of the room concept/3D visualization
  • Selection of matching furniture and home accessories
  • Decorating
  • Full project management
  • Gift idea (you can purchase a voucher which includes room analysis on site and recommendations for a room design)







,,Good design is innovative.Good design is aesthetic. Good design is subtle.  Good design is durable. Design ist innovativ. Gutes Design ist ästhetisch. Good design is environment friendly. Good design is as little design as possible.“ Dieter Rams